Additional Pre-Order Items

These items are additional, not included as food & beverage choices.
Platter sizes are not available to order on the day of your event & require 3 business days notice for pre-order.
Prices listed include tax & gratuity and are subject to change without notice.

Sliders Platter : 12 pcs | $61.50
Assorted Sliders- Beef, Beyond Meat, Crispy Chicken

Pulled Pork Taco Platter : 6 pcs | $34.44
House made pulled pork, char siu sauce, cucumber and bell pepper slaw

Meat Ball Skewers : 12 pcs | $73.80
4 1oz ground chuck meatballs on each skewer; grilled and brushed with a choice of sauce *additional sauces on side*
Choice of one; Hot | Beach Fire Blonde Mustard | Silverback Stout BBQ | Char Siu | Plain

Veggie Platter : Serves 6 | $30.75
Assorted fresh veggies served with ranch sauce (GF) (VEG) (VG option)

Tater Tot Platter : Serves 6 | $14.76
Pile of tasty Tater Tots served with ketchup, ranch and sriracha aioli dipping sauces (GF) (VG option)

Kale & Artichoke Salad Bowl : Serves 6 | $30.75
black kale, artichoke hearts, cranberries, dates, pecans, goat cheese, honey lemon vinaigrette (GF)

House Salad Bowl : Serves 6 | $30.75
Artisan lettuce, shredded carrots, sliced radish, pecans, cucumbers, goat cheese, sherry vinaigrette (GF) (VG option)

Baby Gem Wedge : Serves 6 | $30.75
Artisan romaine wedges, blue cheese, crispy bacon, sundried tomatoes, blue cheese dressing

Pimento Cheese Dip Platter : Serves 6 | $30.75
Sharp cheddar, cream cheese, pimento dip & served with corn chips

Wings Platter : 1.5 lbs | $19.68
Flour dusted chicken wings, served on potato straw
Choice of one; Salt & Pepper | Hot | Beach Fire Blonde Mustard | Silverback Stout BBQ | Char Siu

Fried Artichoke Platter : Serves 6 | $19.68
Panko breaded artichokes dusted with asiago cheese, served with lemon aioli dipping sauce

Spicy Beans : Serves 6 | $24.60
Sauteed green beans, thai bird chili, garlic chili sauce
Non-Spicy upon direct request only

Dessert Platter : Serves 6 | $36.90
Assorted dessert squares and cakes selected by our Chef

Burger Bar : Available for 30+ | Market Price
Build your own burgers | includes a manned service station, sauces and burger toppings {chicken | beef | Beyons Meat ™ }